Tea House Cafe is an Authentic Hong Kong Style Cafe located near Whyte Ave Edmonton. Classic Hong Kong style cafe serves Fusion classic Chinese and British Food such as Rich Hong Kong Milk Tea, Hong Kong Style French Toast and many more Rice and Noodle dishes

To start, classic Hong Kong Style High tea serving Milk Tea and deep fried French Toast, specialty featuring  Authentic Brand Hiang Kie Coffee

Fusion Breakfast mix of Ham, Eggs, Toast, Macaroni Soup and Milk tea

They have their special Teddy Milk Tea

As for Lunch/ Dinner choices, Wonton Beef Brisket Soup Noodle, Tomato Broth Rice Noodles and Cheesy Porkchop baked rice

Definitely must tries!

Tea House Cafe
10332 81 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6E 1X2


March 07, 2024 — Lisa Li

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