Rice Bowl Deluxe is a casual dining restaurant in YEG! They have multiple locations around Edmonton offering all kinds of Asian cuisines and dishes! They had a wide menu selection offering classic dishes like Sweet & Sour Pork, Curry Beef Rice Bowl, Deep Fried chicken wings, Beef Ho Fan, Seafood fried rice and many others! The most special thing about this place is they also offer Hong Kong Cafe style Menu items!

We ordered Hainan Chicken Rice and Lemon Grass Pork Rice as main staple dish!

Both the Pork and Chicken were marinated with flavour! the rice were also seasoned, especially the Hainan Chicken rice which had good garlic flavour!

We also ordered Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, French Toast and Red Bean Grass Jelly Beverage!

Everything was Tasty, Restaurant is Cafeteria style but yet very clean! They have 3 different locations, Whyte Ave, 149 Street Jasper Place and Callingwood area! Personally the 149 St location is my favorite! 

Forgot to mention, we went during their Afternoon tea hour from 2PM to 4:30PM! The average price of each Combo is between $15-$18 per combo and you can get free French Toast with order of 2 combos during Afternoon Tea! Definitely wort checking out!

Rice Bowl Deluxe
8910 149 Street
Edmonton AB
T5R 1B8

December 11, 2023 — Lisa Li

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