Sweet Honey Desserts is a shop specializing in Hong Kong Style Desserts such as Milk Tea Hotpot, Sudoku Dessert box, traditional Mango Pomelo and Sweet Tofu with Fruits Dessert!
We ordered their signature Milk tea hotpot which we choose 5 toppings of our choice with poor over Milk tea! For our choices, we went with Taro balls, Grass jelly, Peach gum, Agave Chrystal Boba and regular Tapioca Boba!

We also tried their Sudoku Box which is 9 different dessert in 1 box! we got Grass jelly with Coconut, Red bean Coconut cubes, Match Green tea ice cream with Taro Balls, Red bean desert, mango coconut tapioca, Purple coconut sweet rice, Assorted fruit with yogurt, Peanut Mochi and Sweet Tofu! 

We also got Classic Mango Pomelo dessert and Assorted Fruit on Sweet Tofu!


There is also Yomie's Rice and yogurt connected to the dessert house, offering special Yogurt and Purple rice beverage, below Mango Yogurt, tastes like a Mango Lassi


And Classic Purple Yogurt

Check them out if you haven't already!

Sweet Honey Dessert
10746 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 2A8

May 08, 2024 — Lisa Li

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