French Toast Restaurant is one of the newest Brunch Buffet places in YEG! Located between Whyte Ave and Bonnie Doon Mall on 82 Ave is where this cute little restaurant is located! 

This Place is filled with the Iconic Eiffle tower as decor! The main center piece at the restaurant is an actual Tower! Meanwhile the restaurant are full of French paintings!

There were lots of selections such as staple Egg Benedits, Bacon, Sausage, Soft scrambles, Hash browns and of course house french toast!

They even have a self serve waffle maker!

As well they have lots of lunch items such as Salads, soup, sandwiches, Charcuterie boards, fruits, veggies and many other buffet items

Seriously all this for $22.95 and everything was tasty and honestly being here day dream about France is already worth the pricetag! The service was great, service came by few times to check up on us!

Seriously come check it out if you haven't already!

French Toast Restaurant
8937 82 Ave NW,
Edmonton, AB
T6C 0Z2




April 27, 2023 — Lisa Li

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