IL Poom Korean Restaurant is one of YEG's newest place South side Edmonton! They offer simple menu items such as Soup, Rice Bowls, Noodles, Hot pot, BBQ and Meat dishes! Dishes are served with many side dishes and very affordable!

The Restaurant is newly renovated and spacious with many tables!

As we went during Lunch hours, we ordered Hot soup as main dish which is served with 5 side cold dishes and purple rice!

For staples, we ordered Beef Ox Knee and tendon soup which is a creamy bone broth filled with collagen and flavor! They dish is served with Jujube berries and Noodles along with rice.

They serve some house special cold dishes such as House marinated Kimchi, Acorn Jelly, Zucchini, Tofu skin and Spicy Daikon

All this for $19 per person! 

They also have other soup such as Spicy Tofu Kimchi Seafood and beef soup! Definitely check them out if you haven't already!

Il Poom Korean Restaurant
3338 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB
T6N 1B5

December 28, 2023 — Lisa Li

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