We went to Calgary for a weekend to visit a friend and also to hit up a day trip to the Rocky Mountains for a short hike up Grassi Lakes. This would make for baby Joyce’s first hiking trip! Hopefully the first of many to come. 

We met up at Poached YYC in southern Calgary. It came as a recommendation of our friend and a place he keeps in his back pocket that he often goes to.

Feeling adventurous I have a tendency to try new things and loved the twist on tacos and pancakes that they have.


Crumbled chorizo, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar, spinach, smoked paprika aioli and salsa in 3 buttermilk pancake tacos

Triple stacked thick cut brioche, whipped maple butter, icing sugar

Triple stacked buttermilk pancakes, maple blueberry compote, house made lemon curd

Grilled homemade cornbread, BBQ pork belly burnt ends, pickled cabbage, maple jalapeno sour cream, green onions, cilantro, sunny eggs, signature hash


What a feast! We stayed to chat for a while and filled up on some much needed coffee before making the trek out to the Canmore area for a hike up to Grassi Lakes.

A friend had said it is stroller friendly but 5 steps and I turned around and told Vicky to bring out the carrier.

The hike took us about 30 minutes to get to the top(I had thought it was 30min round trip! oops) and the views were spectacular.

Little Joyce enjoyed her time up here too.

It had started to drizzle shortly after reaching the top area with the small lakes and we had a dinner to head to so down we went, a nice respite from the constant uphill trek.

I really enjoyed getting out with the family and am super proud that Joyce has experienced her first hike and mountain top. I’m looking forward to showing her more sights and eventually tasty foods.


Check out our video below!

October 05, 2023 — Noms Designs

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