We are a group of foodies!

Noms takes anime-inspired artwork to create original apparel designs and accessories to express our favourite foods. Using premium materials and great artwork, we share our love for food with all those around us.

We are a family owned Canadian business. Through Noms, we wish to create fun experiences and connect people through food. We are excited to share our stories, memories, celebrations, and comfort through our love of food. 

Our origins begin with working long days at conventions and gathering together with groups of friends every evening to enjoy a meal after the day's hard work. No matter where we were or who we were with it was always the same. 

"What's for dinner?"

"Want to try something new?"

"This place is awesome! Let's go again!"

Food brings people together and we want to keep the experience and conversation going.

About the Owners:

Ben and Vicky are FOODIES.

He noticed her at a Chinese banquet. She noticed him at sushi. They got talking over Korean BBQ. 

Ben handles the operational side of things while Vicky flexes her creative content creating flair. Just like their business their eating styles are similar. Vicky dazzles the camera of what she eats with extravagant epicurean eccentricity. Ben likes to get down to the meat and potatoes of eating… meat and potatoes. 

Together, they are often found traveling around the world experiencing the wondrous foods and thrills each city and culture has to offer. 

As a new family, Ben and Vicky are welcoming a new addition and excited to share the joys, comforts, and flavours all around, one tiny bite-size at a time. 

Ben’s favourite: Noodles
Vicky’s favourite: Rice
Baby: Noodles (WHY YOU BETRAY MOM!!)