The household has been frequently ordering these delicious looking sandwiches but never giving me a bite. Finally I dropped in to discover these were called Korean sandwiches.

What is a Korean sandwich?

Called Gilgeori Toast, meaning street toast, is a popular grab-and-go egg sandwich typically filled with cabbage and various sliced vegetables for a crunchy texture that’s both sweet and savory. Check out this recipe if you want to make it yourself. 

A take on the Korean Style Sandwhich

I visited Tealicious Blend in St Albert and was immediately welcomed by a bright and warm environment. Appropriate for the season, they had a festive Halloween wall and some decorations adorning the recently moved restaurant. They had moved a few months ago from their previous and smaller location further up North in the town. 

Tealicious Blend in St Albert

Since this move they’ve introduced and expanded the menu from just drinks to a variety of finger foods and sandwhiches. Standing in line I could see several customers chatting joyfully with the staff whom I later found out was the owner. There is quite the established and supportive community here.

For my haul I ordered the Teriyaki Beef sandwich and the Bacon Avocado version for Vicky. 

Teriyaki Beef Korean Style Egg Sandwhich


Bacon Avocado Korean Style Egg Sandwhich

Each sandwich comes wrapped in a wax paper for easy hand holding and slotted in a cute paper sleeve branded with the Tealicious Blend brand and a cute image wishing you a nice day. 

Each sandwich was absolutely tasty, both sweet and savory. I quickly devoured mine and gladly assisted Vicky in finishing her leftover portion.

I will definitely be looking to work through the menu of sandwiches this store has!

You can find their sandwiches as well as various bubble teas at:

Tealicious Blend

11 St Anne St, St. Albert, AB T8N 1E8

October 18, 2023 — Noms Designs

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