Dagu Rice Noodle is a classic shop that offers Traditional Crossing the Bridge Soup Noodles and many other soup dishes! We generally go in and order their B1 Original Crossing the Bridge Rice noodle soup but they have a current special which is the Seafood Congee!

The Sudoku Seafood Congee cones with Crab, Shrimp, Fish, Mussels, Clams, Octopus, Fishball, Mushrooms and Chopstick donuts! You can add everything into the large pot of Congee, bring it to a boil and enjoy!

The Portion size is very large, this large Congee is made to feed 2 to 4 people, all the seafood essence goes into the soup which makes it extremely flavourful! Highly recommend ordering this while still available!

If you are looking for more of an individual order, they also offer their classic noodles

They have original broth and special Beef Bone Broth soup which adds extra flavour!

They also offer large varieties of Bubble teas, few of our favorites are the salted egg and Avocado glow

Check them out if you haven't already!

Dagu Rice Noodle Edmonton
10408 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5J 1Z3

January 15, 2024 — Lisa Li

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