Rock N Tofu Korean Restaurant is one of YEG's newest restaurants! Located Southside Edmonton on Calgary Trail near many different eateries! Just like their name they are known for their Hot Stone Rice and Tofu soups! But they also have a special feature, Korean Raw Marinated Crab!

Like most Korean restaurants, they offer 7 side dishes with all orders! 6 of them have Unlimited refill with the acception of the Yellow fish at $3 each fish for refil

They offer the Raw Crab in 2 different flavours, Korean spice and Sweet Soya sauce Marinate! We ordered Sweet Soy Sauce since this is a limited dish!

We also ordered their Spicy Crab and tofu soup which all comes with hot stone rice

There are 2 ways of enjoying the hot stone rice, after you place the rice into a bowl, server pours hot barley tea into the hot stone bowl which softens the rice crust and you can enjoy it like a congee

Everything was delicious and at a very reasonable price point as well! the soups for $19 eachs and the soy marinate crab was $30 which comes with 4 mini blue crabs! 

Highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already!

Rock N Tofu Korean Restaurant
2920 Calgary Trail NW #104
Edmonton, AB, T6J 2G8

November 06, 2023 — Lisa Li

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