Omakase by Japonais Bistro is the newest Resturant in YEG providing Omakase Experience! It is located in Windermere, newest area of Edmonton.

What is Omakase you may ask, it is an elevated Japanese Fine dining meal with dishes selected by the Chef. Everything is custom selected, prepared and served by the Sushi Chef!

The restaurant is gorgeous renovated, with Omakase section made with Modern Wooden structures and a large tables with View of the Sushi Chef! 

When we walked in, we can see all some appetizers ready to be served!

For tonight's Summer Menu, there are a total of 5 Appetizers, 8 Sushi courses, 4 main dish courses and 5 desserts!

As start of our 5 Appys, there were Oysters, Side stripe Prawn, Octopus, Trout belly and Caviar Tofu

As for Sushi courses, there were Seabass, Aji Horse Mackerel, Blue fin Akami, Chu-toro and O-toro Tina Nigirs, Crab, Eel, and Negitoro Hand roll

As for other main dishes, there were Japanese Cucumber Squid, Dry-aged Trout with Soy milk Sashimi, Wagyu Tartar and A4 Wagyu Steak!

As for Dessert, we had Chef's Homemade Tamago, Yuzu Ice cream, Matcha Chocolate, White Peach Mochi, and Okinawa Black Sugar Toffee

The 22 course full dinner service was completed within 2 hours, the Chef and servers were all very attentative and efficient! The Chefs also interacted with us, explaining each dish to us and made it extremely enjoyable!

 Taste wise, it was of course, amazing! Would total due this for special celebrations!

Omakase by Japonais Bistro Winderemere
6138 Current Drive NW, 
Edmonton, AB
T6W 0L7



June 12, 2023 — Lisa Li

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