Cafe Amore is one of YEG's most classical Italian restaurants! Located Downtown Edmonton, they are a local family owned and operated restaurant with tradictional and modern recipes!

We ordered their special and classical dishes! 

Their most iconic Dish is the Seafood Pascatore! Linguini pasta loaded with Prawns, Mussels, Manilla Clams, Baby Shrimp and loaded with Garlic White Wine, Tomato Garlic Rose cream sauce!

And loaded with Parmasan

We also got their daily specials such as Loaded Rose Lasagna

As well as their Tiger Prawn Rissoto with Roasted Veggies on Garlic Toast!

We also added a refreshing Caprese salad made with vine ripen tomatoes, mozzarella and their house made basil pesto dressing!

Everything was solid like always, highly recommended while Downtown YEG!

Cafe Amore Bistro
10807 106 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T5H 4A7

September 06, 2023 — Lisa Li

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