Feng Dongburi is the newest Sushi Sashimi and Donburi Restaurant South West Edmonton! Located in Winderemere/Glenridding area with Fresh Japanese Cuisine. Restaurant was newly opened for few months, hence renovation very new, clean and very comfy atmosphere!

A bunch of ordered a few items, started off with Assorted Sashimi, Beef Tataki, Dragon Eye Roll and Tempura

We also ordered their  house special House Donburi!

Also some rolls their special crunchy roll and Chop chop roll to share

Sashimi was very fresh, all the rolls were very tasty and the donburi rice was very well seasoned with Seaweed and seasoning! Personally, the Beef Tataki and Dragon eye were some of my favs, definitely will come back to get more!

Feng Donburi
16408 Ellerslie Rd SW
Edmonton, AB
T6W 4S8


September 12, 2023 — Lisa Li

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