Sumo Sumo is an authentic Japanese Restaurant located in Sherwood Park east of Edmonton! They have been located in Sherwood park for number of years, very large and spacious restaurant offering all sorts of Japanese Cuisines such as Sushi, Bento boxes, and more!

We were invited to attend their special Japanese Festival Market and brought in our booth with merchandise selling to attendees!

We were offered a lunch bento box which includes Teriyaki Chicken, Gyoza, California roll and Seaweed salad to go with our meal!

As for dinner, we ordered their specialty Playoff Sushi platter which includes Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper, Octopus, Surf Clam Sashimi, Salmon, Tuna Shrimp Nigiri and 2 of their specialty rolls! The torched roll for sure was the best tasting one!


Check them out if you happen to be in the area!

Sumo Sumo Sushi & Grill Bar
220 Lakeland Dr #300
Sherwood Park, AB
T8H 0N6

May 28, 2024 — Lisa Li

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