The Lobster Mobsters is an East Coast Seafood distributor which also sells amazing Lobster rolls! They specialize in frozen Lobster, Scallops, clam chowder, and other Frozen seafood products!

 They have a location in Nisku (south of Edmonton near Airport) 

 They recently opened a new location west side Edmonton on 170 Street and 100 Ave

Their Lobster rolls are $25 and it's filled up to top and super chunky! It is very lightly seasoned which personally find it delish!

The order comes with chips on the side as well which pairs perfectly with the lobster roll!

They have a large seafood take out menu as well!

Definitely check them out for their Lobster special!

The Lobster Mobster

Nisku 201 19 Ave

Edmonton West 17011 100 Ave NW

May 16, 2024 — Lisa Li

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